At Fitness Fusion, each session is unique

Tania might throw in cardio moves such as burpees, mountain climbers and high knees. You could find yourself bear-crawling across the room, or doing jump squats, split squats and other plyometrics. And let's not forget taxing your muscles using bands, kettle bells, free weights and suspension training.

And importantly, the core is never ignored. Learn to love the plank (and all its variations), along with other yoga-inspired movements.


Get involved in one of five ways: Private Training, Group Training, In-Home Training, Outdoor Boot Camps, or Live Stream Classes (new as of March 2020).

Finally, at the bottom of the page you can find a video library.


Private Training

Ultimate Personalized Fitness Instruction

Fitness Fusion offers private one-on-one training. Tania tailors private sessions to meet your specific goals and schedules sessions at your convenience.

Want a pal to join you? Tania also offers two-person private training sessions.


Group Training

1-hour classes most weekday mornings @ 9.15am.

Prefer a little company when sweatin' it out? We have you covered in one of two ways.

You can join other brave souls in one of the existing morning classes.​ Or, you can recruit other fitness junkies and create your own private group. Work out with whom you want, when you want.

Contact Tania to learn how to sign-up and to get your complimentary first class.


In-Home Training

We'll Bring The Workout To You

Ever want to work-out but can't get to the gym? Have plenty of motivation but limited time? Wish a trainer could come to you while little Nancy naps or Johnny's home sick?

Fitness Fusion offers in-home personal training services to New Canaan residents. So, if you have the space, Tania can bring the work-out to you. No need for you to have a decked out fitness room in your home; Tania will bring the necessary equipment.


Outdoor Boot Camps

One With Nature

Crave that fresh air when you're pushing it to the max? Periodically Fitness Fusion offers outdoor boot camp programs. Tania uses the same high-spirited approach as she does in the fitness studio, but adapts the exercises to take advantage of the open-air environment.

Upcoming Boot Camps

There are no scheduled outdoor boot camps at this time, given the social distancing requirements and closure of Waveny Park. Next boot camp will likely be in early autumn.


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