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Private Training

Ultimate Personalized Fitness Instruction

Fitness Fusion offers private one-on-one training. Tania tailors private sessions to meet your specific goals and schedules sessions at your convenience.

Want a pal to join you? Tania also offers semi-private training sessions.

Services: Private

Group Training

Multiple 45-minute classes offered per week

Prefer a little company when sweatin' it out? We have you covered in one of two ways.


You can join other brave souls in one of the existing classes.​ Or, you can recruit other fitness junkies and create your own private group. Work out with whom you want, when you want.


Contact Tania for the current schedule and to get on the
SignUpGenius distribution list to register for sessions.

Services: Goup

Video Subscriptions

Can't Get To Me? Try Fitness Fusion's Online Workouts
My mantra is consistency, so to that end, I want you to be able to keep up with your fitness routine, no matter what. Subscribe to my online program so you never have to miss a beat.  

Accessing the Videos on the Video Subscription Page

To access the videos, subscribe monthly to receive password-protected access to five HIIT workout sessions, and one warm-up and cool-down video. 

Five Types of Workouts to Keep You On Your Toes!

Tabata:  Fast-paced bursts of energy in eight four-minute rounds.

Ladder:  Pace yourself, because this gets serious! 12 rounds that progressively increase cardio and resistance load by adding a new exercise to each successive round.

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon):  A training method involving a very high work rate, using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximize calories burned post-workout.

Core-Cardio Conditioning (Triple C):  Focused core exercises combined with heart-thumping cardio and low-weight/high-rep resistance training.

Resistance Intervals:  Traditional set and rep based workout, and killer to boot.

Services: Video
Services: Bootcamp
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