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Fitness Fusion, LLC is a boutique fitness studio located in New Canaan, CT that offers small group classes, private training services and video subscriptions.

Owner Tania Prochilo adheres to the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) philosophy and utilizes a variety of proven disciplines and exercise formats to keep your muscles guessing and your mind sharp so you can work hard with no time or desire to watch the clock.


New & Noteworthy

Video Subscriptions Are Now Available

As the world has started to open up and adapt, I too will be making some changes.

Click "Read On" to learn more about my new Video Subscription program.

Now Offering Outdoor Sessions

Outdoor private and semi-private sessions are now available.

Contact me to learn more and to reserve a spot. 


Is your cup of tea short bursts of all-out energy over 30 or fewer minutes, aka high intensity interval training (HITT)?


Or, do you prefer lower energy output over 30 - 60 minutes, aka low-intensity steady state (LISS)?

Read this article for a good comparison of these two different approaches.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Heart Rate and HIIT

The key to successful HIIT is in your heart rate. The short burst of moves should challenge your beats per minute (BPM) to an intense level before a brief recovery. Click Read On to learn why your heart rate plays such an important role, what your goal BPM is, and how to use it to get the most out of your workout.

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(203) 722-7153

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